MIMS Treatment Guidelines

About MIMS Treatment Guidelines

MIMS Treatment guidelines provide information on diagnosis, treatment options and guidelines for common diseases or conditions. The information presented is intended to be used as a quick reference to healthcare professionals when determining appropriate patient care. 

These guidelines are carefully edited by MIMS editorial team based on a variety of peer review journals, tertiary references and internationally accepted guidelines and are reviewed by key opinion leaders in the related specialty. Where appropriate, flow charts are used to illustrate and for better visualization of recommended diagnostic tests and planning management. 

Each treatment guideline begins with a brief discussion on the disease and its classification, pathophysiology and epidemiology, if applicable. Additionally, the guidelines include information on signs and symptoms, recommended diagnostic tests and differential diagnosis. A summary of treatment goals, detailed discussion of listed treatment options and comprehensive dosing guidelines are also found in the guideline. In some treatment guidelines, concise patient counseling notes are added to aid discussion with patients in optimizing treatments.

References for each disease title are consolidated and arranged in alphabetical order for all the treatment guidelines. 

The diagnosis and treatment options for each disease are constantly changing because of new updated research and evolving clinical experience.

While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, integrity and reliability of the information, the information contained within this quick reference should not be relied upon solely for the final treatment decisions. Healthcare professionals are advised to consult other resources and manufacturer's updated product information before making a final decision on treatment.


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