Bronchitis - Uncomplicated Acute Overview



Acute uncomplicated bronchitis is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchi. Patients usually presents w/ cough lasting for more than 5 days w/c may be associated w/ sputum production
Other symptoms of acute bronchitis include:
  • Sore throat
  • Rhinorrhea
  • Hoarseness
  • Dyspnea
  • Fatigue

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  • Diagnosis is based on patient history & clinical presentation
  • Studies such as sputum analysis & culture, chest radiograph, pulmonary function tests, etc are not routinely requested unless to rule out other pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia

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Routine treatment of uncomplicated acute bronchitis w/ antibiotics is not recommended, regardless of cough duration
Options for symptomatic therapy include:
  • Analgesics & Antipyretics
  • Bronchodilator: Beta2-agonist (inhaled)
  • Cough & Cold Preparation

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Below is the overview of disease management of Bronchitis - Uncomplicated Acute:




  • Routine follow-up is not usually necessary
  • Consider alternate diagnoses, if symptoms worsen
  • Further investigation is recommended if:
  • Symptoms recur >3x/yr
  • If symptoms persist for >1 mth


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Version: 3 Sep 2014

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